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Merry Christmas 2019 from Chad A. Ritchie

I would like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas for 2019.

Christmas is a time for family traditions. One of the traditions my wife Kara has for Christmas is her Christmas Ornament collection.

Hallmark has various ornament collections where they issue a new edition for each year. Sometimes a certain collection isn’t that popular so they get discontinued. Other ornament series are extremely popular and a new annual edition has been released each year for decades.

Kara has two or three different series of Hallmark Ornaments that she has collected every year for the last 10 – 20 years – depending on the ornament series.

One of the most special ornaments that she still collects is her “Swarovski Crystal” ornament collection -- one that her Grandmother started giving her each year for Christmas back when Kara was a teenager.

Swarovski is an Austrian producer of glass figurines and jewelry and each year they issue a newly designed Christmas Tree Ornament.

Now Kara has so many of these Swarovski Crystal ornaments collected over the years – our main Christmas Tree at our house is covered with these crystals.

Here is a picture of this year’s Ritchie Christmas tree.

Family Holiday Traditions are a nice way to remember our loved ones even if they can’t be with us anymore.

Kara’s grandmother’s health is such that she can’t continue giving Kara the Swarovski Crystal Ornament for Christmas anymore. We continue to buy the Ornament every year to keep that traditional alive. Every time I look at our Christmas Tree with those Crystal Ornaments on it – I think of Kara’s grandmother – and all of the love and generosity she has shown to her granddaughter (my wife Kara); to her great grandchildren (my two kids); and me.

Here is to the Family Traditions you may have. Here is to the loved ones that aren’t with you anymore – but you remember in your heart.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Chad A. Rtichie


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