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RLO Client Care Program

Because Estate Planning is a comprehensive plan, not just a single document

What is the RLO Client Care Program

Because Estate Planning is a comprehensive plan and not just a single document, the Ritchie Law Office, Ltd. emphasizes the importance of regularly reviewing all aspects of your Estate Plan, your finances, and your family's needs. 


The RLO Client Care Program is a maintenance program we offer to our clients. This program helps clients ensure that their Estate Planning documents stay functioning the way they were originally designed to or account for any changes that have happened since their creation.

RLO Client Care Program Membership Includes:


RLO Client Care Members receive unlimited phone calls and emails with the firm at no charge.

VIP Event Access

Gain access to private RLO Client Care workshops and webinars and VIP access to public seminars and events

Discounted Rates

Members receive discounts on Estate Asset Audits, Document Updates, and other future legal work.

Ritchie University

Exclusive access to Ritchie University - an online portal with endless learning opportunities.

and so much more . . .

How does it work?

Want to Learn More?

To learn more about RLO Client Care Program and what all it offers, call us at (309) 662-7000 or click the button below to download our RLO Client Care Program guide.

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