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Estate Planning 

At the Ritchie Law Office, Ltd., we can help you with proper Estate Planning, which starts with a Ritchie Legacy Planning Session.

Ritchie Legacy Planning Session

A Ritchie Legacy Planning Session, or RLPS, is your initial consultation with our attorney, Chad A. Ritchie. This  "working" meeting is the first step of our Estate Planning Process, where you have the opportunity to establish a relationship with your attorney.  We also use this first meeting to analyze your assets, explore your Estate Planning options, discuss your wishes and answer questions.  

After you have contacted our office to schedule a RLPS, we send you an Estate Planning Questionnaire. This questionnaire helps us learn about you, your family, and your assets and prepare for the RLPS.

To schedule a RLPS, call us at 309-662-7007.

What you can expect from your RLPS: 

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1: Your Probate Asset Analysis 

For Estate Planning purposes, we prepare this diagram for you which organizes your assets into the following categories: Probate and Non-Probate. By organizing assets this way, we are able to see if your Estate will avoid Probate (Click here for more about Probate) and how your assets will be transferred upon your death. 

2: Know How Your Estate Plan Works 

Chad will walk you through the differences between a Trust-based Plan and a Will-based Plan. We will teach you how Estate Planning actually works so you can decide how best to organize your assets and understand what your Estate Plan is set up to accomplish. 


You will walk away knowing exactly what type of Plan is best for you and your family situation.


(Click here for the 3 Types of Estate Plans)

3: Custom for Your Needs

At Ritchie Law Office, Ltd., we include the following legal services with your Will-based Plan. We prefer to use flat-fee rates, instead of hourly rates when possible.

  • Will for Yourself

  • Will for Your Spouse (as applicable)

  • Power of Attorney for Property 

  • Power of Attorney for Health

  • TODI (Transfer upon Death Instrument) for your home

We recognize that an estate plan is not just a set of documents that you sign, which is why we have developed a process that involves educating our clients, properly evaluating your Estate Assets and Family needs and continuing a relationship with you to make sure your Plans stay up to date. 

4: Timeliness

Chad A. Ritchie has helped hundreds of clients with their estate plans and has developed a structured, client-centered Estate Planning approach that educates and empowers clients throughout the Estate Planning process.  We typically turn-around a Will-based Plan in an average timeframe of six weeks. 

To schedule a RLPS, call us at 309-662-7000.

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