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The "New Grad" Estate Plan Package 
Ritchie Law Office, Ltd. Can Help Ensure Your New Graduate Has Basic Estate Plan Documents to Help Them in Case of an Emergency


"New Grad" Estate Plan


We are now offering a "New Grad" Estate Plan for new high school graduates or anyone that:

  • Is not over 22 years old

  • Is not married

  • Does not have children of their own

The "New Grad" Estate Plan Package includes:

1. Power of Attorney for Healthcare: This document is needed so guardians can still make medical decisions, access their child's medical records, and see their child if they are admitted to a hospital.  

2. Power of Attorney for Property: This document is needed so you can access your New Grad's Bank Accounts or sign any document on their behalf in an emergency.  

3. Basic Will: Everyone should have a Will once they become an adult. This Basic Will would name the New Grad's Parents or Guardians as the Executor of their Estate and would make sure their Estate is Distributed to their Parents/Guardians instead of the default Illinois Law which distributes any assets to parents and siblings combined.  

4. Executive Summary:  We provide a one-page Executive Summary of your New Grad's Estate Plan Documents. This Summary is very helpful when confirming the terms of the plan and is a great reference after documents are signed. 

5.  Medical Power of Attorney Wallet Card:  You'll receive a wallet card that provides the contact information of your New Grad's Power of Attorney for Healthcare. This card is meant to be carried in a wallet or purse to be found easily by medical professionals in case of an emergency.  

What is the Process? 

1. Schedule Online
You schedule a date online through our website for a 30-minute Review & Signing Meeting. At this meeting we explain the estate plan documents that your New Grad is signing, and we will make sure the documents are properly signed and witnessed.  

Note: We have scheduled a limited number of timeslots in June and July for New Grad Estate Plan Signing Meetings. The New Grad Plan is available this Summer before Fall Semester starts.     

2. Flat Fee
The New Grad Plan is a flat fee of $450.00. This Fee is paid online when you schedule the  Signing Meeting. There are no other fees other than this initial $450.00. 


3. Estate Plan Questionnaire
Once you have scheduled your appointment and paid the flat fee, you will receive a confirmation of your appointment and payment via e-mail.


You will also receive a follow up email from RLO with a link to a simple online Estate Planning Questionnaire. You will need to complete this Questionnaire and submit it online. This Questionnaire will provide us with all of the information needed for us to complete your "New Grad" Estate Plan Documents.   

4. Confirmation Call
We will follow-up with a phone call and email from a member of our team within the next 1-2 business days after you have scheduled the Signing Meetin

5. Executive Summary
Once we receive your completed Estate Plan Questionnaire, we will review it and let you know if we have questions. We will draft the documents and an "Executive Summary" that will provide you with an overview of the Estate Plan. 


We will email you PDF documents for you to review before your Signing Meeting. If you have any questions about the documents, you may email us and an RLO Team Member can answer any questions you have.

6. Signing Meeting
At the Signing Meeting, you may attend with your New Grad (so long as they agree - as they are an adult now), but you are not required to attend with them. An RLO Team Member will thoroughly explain and review each document with the New Grad.  
Once all documents have been reviewed and approved our team will provide the witnesses and notary to have the documents properly signed (Very Important!). 

7. Signed Documents
Once the documents are signed we will make a set of hard copies and digital PDF copies.  Your New Grad will leave with the original signed documents, plus the additional copies. DONE!

8. RLO Client Status
Best of all - once your New Grad has signed their Estate Plan Documents, they are clients of Ritchie Law Office, Ltd. and will have priority status if there is anything needed in the future.

If you should have any questions or would like to discuss,

give our office a call at 309-205-5659.

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