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Meet the Pets of RLO!

Since June is 'Pet Month' at RLO, this is a great time to meet our furry team members! As you can see, we take a lot of pride in introducing you to our pets.

"Radish is eight years old. We got him from a rescue in Springfield when he was five months old. He loves to zoom as fast as he can around the yard, and go on walks where all he does is stop to sniff every shrub he comes across in case there is a rabbit. He loves dairy - ice cream, sour cream, cheese - and he knows what the lids sound like when opened." - Kathy

"My family dog’s name is “Buddy”. He is a Cockapoo that is eight years old. He can do tricks. He loves to play fetch. He is always the first one to greet me with a toy in his mouth when I come home from work." - Chad

"Xander (short for Alexander, which means "protector") is a Labrador/German Shepherd mix. He is 3.5 years old and has grown up with his youngest sister since they were both wee pups, always together! When sister crawls in Mom's lap, Xander does too!" - Jessica

Have you remembered to include your Pet in your Estate Plan?

Providing for your pets in your Estate Plan can range from simple provisions in your Will to more complex Pet Trusts. Whether simple or complex, a proper Estate Plan includes the necessary provisions to ensure your pets will receive proper care and attention.

To read more tips on how to ensure your pet is covered in your Estate Plan, Click Here.



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