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RLO Client Care Program

Because Estate Planning is a comprehensive plan and not just a single document.

What is RLO Care?

The Ritchie Law Office, Ltd. is an Estate Planning law firm.   We draft wills, trusts, power of attorney documents and other Estate Plan related documents for our clients.  We are not a general practice law firm that does estate planning on the side – Estate Planning is what we do. 


We truly care about our clients and their Estate Plans. 

The RLO CARE Program is a maintenance program we offer to our clients. It helps clients ensure that their Estate Planning documents stay functioning the way they were originally designed to or account for any changes that have happened since their creation.

With the RLO CARE Program, we place an emphasis on your RLO Anniversary - the day you sign your Estate Planning documents with Ritchie Law Office, Ltd.

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We understand that life gets busy and your Estate Plan might just be the last thing on your mind - that is, until it's too late. We use your RLO Anniversary to remind you to conduct an Estate Plan Check-Up, which is a great way to make sure your Estate Plan stays functioning the way it was originally designed to - even years after its creation. By making sure any new real estate, assets, or changes in family composition are accounted for, you gain peace of mind knowing your Estate Plan won't run in to any troubles.



Every client will receive a letter and an e-mail on the month of their RLO  “Anniversary Date” - the day you signed your estate planning documents.


We will offer our clients a review meeting where we review our client’s documents to see if there are any updates that need to be made.* 


Every client receives discounts on “Ritchie University” Estate Planning related online education courses (more information Coming Soon!)


Every client will be invited to “Client Only” RLO Workshops, Webinars and events throughout the year.  

*This would be for a flat fee amount that would be substantially discounted from our standard billable rate.

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