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McBeath Financial Group Interview

I recently sat down with Krista McBeath, founder and President of McBeath Financial Group. Krista interviews professionals from around Central Illinois as a part of the McBeath Financial Focus Series--which covers topics with experts in fields relating to finances and retirement.

I was honored to be the first professional that Krista interviewed as part of her McBeath Financial Focus Series.

During the interview, Krista and I discussed a few common questions and some misconceptions about Estate Planning that I often encounter with clients.

Watch the entire video above, and you'll discover that just a few simple estate planning documents can protect an individual's wishes for their legacy. You'll also find out:

  • Why an estate plan isn't just for the wealthy

  • What happens if someone dies or becomes mentally incapacitated without an estate plan

  • If you need to worry about estate tax.

  • What "Probate" is and different strategies to avoid it.

If you think it is time to have an estate plan - or update an existing estate plan call the Ritchie Law Office, Ltd. at (309) 662-700 or Click Here to receive more information on how to get started.

McBeath Financial Group offers a free report on Maximizing the Estate Planning Value of Life Insurance. If you are interested in seeing this report or learning more about how strategic financial planning call McBeath Financial Group President Krista McBeath at 309-808-2224 or visit her website by CLICKING HERE.


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