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Ritchie Family -- Fall 2022

Fall is always a busy time for the Ritchie Family - but it has been especially busy this year as Kara and I have been traveling on Saturdays to watch both of our kids march in their respective marching bands. Addison is part of the "Marching Statesmen" at Truman State University. Jackson is part of the Tri-Valley High School Marching band. Jackson is also on his high school's cross-country team this fall.

Pictured Below: A beautiful fall evening a few weeks ago to watch a marching band competition at Mt. Zion High School.

For the Ritchie Family, 2022 may be remembered best as the YEAR OF THE PIT VIPERS. Pit Vipers are a brand of 1980's retro sunglasses that are popular with the "kids" these days as 80's culture has made a resurgence in the past year - along with the mullet hair style for the guys. No - I am not growing my hair long in the back!!! For some reason I wear my Pits a lot more than Jackson wears his . . .

Pictured Above: Chad and his son, Jackson, posing with their Pit Viper sunglasses.

On Saturdays, Kara and I have gone to watch Jackson run in his cross country meets and also perform in his high school marching band competitions. (Yes, usually two separate events in one day!)

Jackson plays the tuba - which is nice because you can easily pick him out from the stands during marching competitions.

The weather this fall has been wonderful for going to cross country meets and marching band competitions. It was nice to be outside and enjoy the fall colors, see the farmers harvesting in the fields, and watching the beautiful sunsets in the evening.

One of Jackson's cross country meets was on a farm just outside of El Paso. It was really cool to see the kids running with combines and wagons in the background.

Above: A gallery of selected pics of Jackson's cross country meets and marching band competitions.

The beginning of cross country races are always intense.

The athletes start some warm up sprints to get loose. They line up in single file rows by team, and they slap their thighs to get their blood flowing in their legs. Then, the whistle rings out, the gun goes off, and all heck breaks loose!!

The video below is the start of the race at the St. Joseph, Illinois Cross Country Meet. This is the one meet each year that - because the start area is so tight - there are usually runners who will fall and get trampled. Watch the video to see . . .

Video Above: Jackson Ritchie on the starting line (second runner from the far left). Watch the intense action when the starting gun fires!

Fall 2022 will be especially memorable because we moved our oldest child, Addison, to college. Addison is now a freshman at Truman State University. Below, you'll see Addison the day we moved her into her dorm. The little toddler pictured below was Addison 17 years ago - not fair that they grow up so quickly!!

Addison really enjoyed being a part of the marching band in high school, so she's decided to continue her marching band career at Truman State in their Band of "Marching Statesman." Kara and I went to a football game at Truman State this fall to watch Addison march in the band.

Below is a video of the Marching Statesman in the stands of Stokes Stadium, Truman's football field, rallying the fans. As the "12th Man" on the field, the Marching Statesman rallied their football team to victory that day.

Video Above: The Marching Statesman rallying the fans during a Truman State football game this fall.

Marching band and cross country seasons are now officially over for Kara and me. Now, we will have to find something else to do on the weekends. I have a pretty long home project list I need to catch up on!!! I hope you have had a great fall. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are just around the corner!!


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