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Ritchie Family Antique Tool Collection

If you ever stop by the Ritchie Law Office, Ltd. you will see a few boards of antique tools on display. These Tools are the Ritchie Family Antique Tool Collection that has been passed down through three generations so far . . .

Chad Ritchie's grandfather, Alden Valentine Ritchie “Valentine” was a career farmer, operating a farm south of Colfax, Illinois.

He also raised prize-winning Milking Shorthorn dairy cows and was very active in 4-H Club during the 1950s and 1960s.

One of Valentine’s hobbies was collecting antique tools.

Valentine's youngest son, Gail P. Ritchie, took over Valentine's farming operations in the late 1960s after Valentine retired.

Pictured Left: Valentine Ritchie with his son Gail Ritchie (11 years old).

After retirement, Valentine continued collecting antique tools and amassed a very large tool collection.

Valentine proudly displayed a selection of his favorite tools on six peg boards.

This Ritchie Family Tool Collection was inherited by Gail P. Ritchie and has now been passed down to Chad A. Ritchie who considers these tools a priceless Ritchie Family Heirloom.

Pictured Right: Gail P. Ritchie with his sons Chad (5 years old) and Jay (10 months old).

The main part of the tool collection are 300+ tools organized and arranged on six boards. (See the Gallery Below.) You can click on each board for a closer view.

Clients who grew up on farms recognize many of the tools from their childhood and the tool collection is a popular discussion piece for many RLO visitors. One of the more popular tools in the collection is the set of large pipe wrenches. (Picture to the Left Below)

Chad Ritchie is happy to be able to display these tools in a place where people can see them and enjoy them. These tools take Chad back to fond memories he has working with his father Gail on the farm and serve as a reminder of the Ritchie Family's Farming Heritage.

(Pictured Above from Left to Right: The Ritchie Farmstead; RLO Logo; Ritchie Law Office, Ltd. Building).


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