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Snow Days at RLO

I hope you survived the first Blizzard of 2022 a couple weeks ago!

Ritchie Law Office, Ltd. had to close its office on Wednesday, Feb. 2, and Thursday, Feb. 3, due to dangerous driving conditions. This was the first time we've had to close for business due to weather in a long time!

Fortunately, I have a four-wheel drive truck and still made it to the office on those two days just to check on things. Below are some “Blizzard Pics” I thought you might enjoy.

Pictured Above: As you can see -- even if the office was open – I don’t think our clients would have liked trudging through knee deep snow to get to our front door!

This is a picture looking out RLO’s front door towards the Lowe’s parking lot. Look at those snow piles! When I was in grade school growing up in the 80’s, it seemed like we would have snow like that every winter. During recess we would play “King of the Mountain" in our snowsuits (and moon boots) and try to climb up to the top of the snow piles while knocking everyone else down. (That game probably isn't allowed today.)

I took this picture as I was driving home from the office on Towanda Barnes Road – a beautiful winter sunset. If you look closely in the passenger side mirror, you can see a snow plow following me.

This is a picture of Towanda-Barnes Road on the east side of Bloomington. The road had been cleared off at this point – but snow drifts were still constantly forming.

Here is a picture of the front of my truck – a 2008 Toyota Tundra. This has been my “Project Truck” since Covid-19 shut everything down. (Yes, I do some things outside of Ritchie Law Office, Ltd.! -- and Yes, those are custom blue light strips I installed behind the grill!)

Fortunately, I added a few extra other lights which helped driving in snow at night!

I hope you enjoyed these pictures of the first Blizzard of 2022! Stay safe and warm this winter!


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