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Ritchie Family Spring Break 2021 in Nashville

For Spring Break 2021, my family spent a few days in Nashville, Tennessee. This was our first trip to the “Music City” and it did not disappoint.

We rented a house to stay in for the week in “East Nashville”. The house was in a nice residential community with good places to eat – and only 10 minutes from Downtown Nashville. Here is a picture of the house we stayed at.

The first thing we did was go to a place called “3rd and Lindsley” - a bar that has a stage where successful songwriters perform their songs and tell the stories about how they wrote their songs. They also feature some amazing up and coming performers.

We also went to the “Grand Ole Opry” for their Saturday Night Show. I thought it was cool to see the contrast between the 3rd and Lindsey "up and comers" with the performers that have “made it” to the Grand Ole Opry. It made me realize how difficult it would be to succeed in the music business.

I really enjoy seeing new architecture and how buildings are designed and decorated. The pic below (bottom-left) shows all of the lights in the Grand Ole Opry common area. A security guard told me each one of those fixtures costs $150 to replace!

We also walked up and down Nashville’s famous “Broadway Street” where all of the bars and performers are. We didn’t go into any of the crowded bars as a COVID precaution, but it was still fun to experience that “Nashville Energy” as we walked up and down that street.

We went “all in” with Country Music and went to the Country Music Hall of Fame. It was interesting to learn more about the early history of Country Music and how Nashville became the hub of Country Music!

We always like to find new restaurants to try out and places to eat when on vacation. We found the “Donut Distillery” a few blocks from our house – a bar that specializes in serving Mini Donuts - what a Combo! Here we are getting doughnuts on Sunday Morning of the Trip:

Even though we had fun going to all of these places – I think the best part of vacation was spending some quality time with Kara and the kids during the 6+ hour car ride to Nashville and to just hang out at the house together with nothing to do but relax.


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