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Introducing the RLO "Everything Book"

We have upgraded our Estate Planning Binder into what we call the “Everything Book” to help our Estate Plan clients to stay organized after they have completed their Estate Plans with us.

The RLO "Everything Book" is a binder that is divided into 6 Modules and 36 Sections to keep every aspect of your life organized and ready at a moment’s notice.

The Table of Contents includes 6 Modules:

Module 1: Your Family and Friends -- your story, family history, advisors and friends

Module 2: Your Medical Information – health and well-being

Module 3: Your “Stuff” – vehicles, household items, family heirlooms and digital assets

Module 4: Your Home – real estate information

Module 5: Your Finances – bank accounts, financial investments, life insurance, debts, taxes

Module 6: Your Legacy – Ritchie Law Office, Ltd. Estate Planning documents, funeral planning, death certificates

Each Module is broken down into five to eight sections . You can tackle each section at your own pace AND/OR you can follow our regular prompts and instructions that we will send through e-mails and online webinars.

What are the Benefits of the Everything Book?

  • You will Reduce Stress and Worry by having all of your Important Papers and Key Information in one place.

  • You will Be Prepared for Anything by organizing the records for your health, home, car, insurance and your estate planning documents.

  • Your Family Will Know where to find your important documents and key information if you became ill or there was an emergency.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, you will have Ritchie Law Office, Ltd. backing you up and encouraging you as you complete your very own Everything Book!

Note: The "Everything Book" is currently only being offered to Ritchie Law Office, Ltd. estate planning clients at this time.

Past or Current Estate Plan Clients

If you have had your Estate Planning documents prepared by Ritchie Law Office, Ltd. in the past, and you would like to start working on your own RLO "Everything Book", send us a quick email CLICK HERE.

Not a RLO Client

If you ARE NOT a current or past Estate Planning client of the Ritchie Law Office, Ltd. and would like to learn more about how to start your Estate Planning with us and to receive your own "Everything Book", CLICK HERE to learn more about getting started.


This article is a service of Attorney Chad A. Ritchie and the Ritchie Law Office, Ltd.

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