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Christmas Traditions & Memories

Christmas is a time of traditions and memories. Pictured above is a nativity set that has been passed down to my wife Kara from her grandmother, Marilyn. Each piece of this Nativity was hand- painted by Marilyn over 55 years ago!

As the story goes, Marilyn attended a ceramics class once a week in a friend’s basement, and this Nativity was the class project. Marilyn spent weeks going to that class to paint the various ceramic figurines of the Nativity.

Every year, Marilyn displayed this Nativity during Christmas along with her other decorations. Kara grew up with this Nativity. Even I remember that Nativity every year that I was around my wife’s family too (25+ years and counting)!

Kara inherited this Nativity set a few years ago and now she puts it out every year to celebrate Christmas and to honor her Grandmother Marilyn who has now passed.

(Marilyn is the same grandmother who started a Christmas Ornament Tradition for Kara that I wrote about in this blog article.)

Christmas Memories can be happy and they can be sad. I talked about that a few years ago in this blog post about the first Christmas after my father died.

Now that I am older – I appreciate the Holidays as they are a chance for friends and families to get together and create new memories and cherish old ones.

Here's to making new Holiday Memories this year!

We at Ritchie Law Office, Ltd. are very happy to be part of the lives or our clients, family, friends and . . . you.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Chad A. Ritchie


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